Take a Look at the Frequently Asked Questions

I see mold on the wall. Should I have it tested?

Mold does not grow without moisture. As an expert, my recommendation will always be to have an inspection of the area. By doing so, my team can determine the source of the issue and find out why the mold is growing. In most cases, testing the mold is not necessary.

Will my data and results be kept confidential?

When you trust my company for the job, you can be confident that your information will stay private. Each job performed is done with strict client confidentiality. Reports and results are only released to third parties with client permission.

Should I use the same company for remediation and testing?

I recommend my clients have a separate company for mold test remediation. This way, any conflict of interest is avoided.

What is lead poisoning?

Lead poisoning is the buildup of lead in a person’s body for weeks or years. This can cause various health problems, especially in children, including developmental delays, neurologic problems, stomach issues, and even death.

How do you get lead poisoning?

You can get lead poisoning by swallowing or breathing in something that contains lead.  This can include paint, dust, or contaminated food or water.

When should asbestos be removed?

If the material that contains the asbestos is in good condition, they are not as likely to create a health risk. Asbestos fibers are released into the environment when items containing asbestos are damaged, scraped, worn, or improperly removed. Let a professional inspector, like me, determine the level of risk of a material containing asbestos that can cause health issues.

Will employees worry if testing is being conducted?

Actually, in my experience, employees are more comfortable seeing that something is being evaluated. Your employees are very in tune with their environment and are more aware of issues than some employers think. It works in your favor to show that you care about their health and safety enough to call in professionals when necessary.

My employees complain of headaches. Could it be something in the air?

You may have a ventilation problem that is causing air to be distributed improperly. We can look at your ventilation system and test for proper temperature, humidity, flow, and more.

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Ensure a property is free of hidden hazards.

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Identify the presence of asbestos in your property.

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Ensure your property doesn’t have mold-related issues.

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Prevent lead-based paint contamination in your property.

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Be Careful of Environmental Hazards

When you work with Safety Environmental Consultants, you receive the support of a knowledgeable team of experts. Our team is able to protect and ensure our customers’ safety and healthiness. If you suspect your property has asbestos or mold, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact our team by calling (617) 981-4774.